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SySTIUMⓇ’s Approach to Product Design & Engineering

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SySTIUMⓇ’s Approach to Product Design & Engineering

At SySTIUM we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations by producing the highest quality technology enclosure solutions. Our unique approach to product design and engineering produces the most cost-effective solutions with the quickest turnaround times. 

Whether your product is in the prototype stage or ready for mass production, our efficient manufacturing processes, vast capabilities, and unique building blocks allow us to scale our services to support the needs of any project. 


At SySTIUM, we are process-driven: our mechanical designs are oriented around the manufacturing process. This relationship ensures that our product is repeatable and consistently meets the expected quality standards. Our process-driven approach allows us (and our customers) to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Self-Checking Designs: If a component of a custom enclosure is flawed, it won’t be able to proceed through the rest of the manufacturing process. This self-checking feature allows us to quickly identify and address enclosure design issues. 

  • High Yields and Low Fallout: While typical manufacturers plan for 5-10% over-production to account for imperfect products, our self-checking designs allow SySTIUM to enjoy high yields and low fallout. This translates to more cost-effective solutions for our customers.

  • Common Materials and Quick Cycle Times: While some engineers inadvertently incorporate expensive materials into their designs, SySTIUM technology enclosures and products are made with common materials that are less expensive and more readily available. Not only does this ensure that our technology solutions are cost-effective, but it also allows us to cut cycle-times in half. 

SySTIUM’s Unique Approach to Product Design & Engineering 


The initial stage in our design process is collaboration with our customer and their engineering team. At this stage, we listen to your product-needs and strive to see your vision exactly as you see it, including: 

  • What set of specific features you’re looking for.
  • What aesthetic you want your product to have.
  • And of course, what your program expectations are for the volume and life of the product. 

This is also when our team designs effective branding solutions that transform our custom enclosures and designs into your unique product. Using silk screening, custom color/paint type/texture, embossing, ink-filled engraving, die-cut vinyl, vinyl overlay, or vinyl applique, we can create custom bezels, branded packaging, retail packaging, product labels, regulatory labels, and more.

Once branding and specifications are taken care of, we utilize our CAM/CAD capabilities to design the initial 3D model of your product. We use this model to show customers realistic representations of what their solution will look like and how it will function.

During the collaboration stage, we also address product issues, and make sure that the proposed product meets any necessary special requirements


Once we understand the engineering team’s expectations, we can then begin designing a technology enclosure and product solution that leverages our manufacturing process and our unique building blocks.

SySTIUM’s Building Blocks and Accessories are products made to complement our Express EnclosureTM Solutions and MotherBoard ReadyTM Platforms. They can either be sold as stand alone or as spare parts, and include:

  • Power supplies 
  • Cooling solutions 
  • Rack accessories 
  • Hardware 
  • Cables and harnesses 
  • Riser boards and PCB modules
  • Bays, brackets, and mounts

If you partner with SySTIUM during the prototype stage, our building blocks make it easy for us to scale up with you as your product distribution grows. This keeps the manufacturing process consistent and uninterrupted.

Product Engineering: Quick Turn Prototypes

Our process-driven enclosure design, use of common materials, and capabilities allow us to manufacture prototypes very quickly. SySTIUM’s quick turn prototypes are designed and delivered in as little as a few days. In most cases we don’t charge NRE fees for custom prototypes—a rarity in our industry.

For metal design and fabrication, we use state-of-the-art CNC laser equipment to create custom brackets and adapter assemblies for new designs and modifications to legacy products using a variety of metal gauges and materials.

With our state of the art design tools, we can also easily optimize elements of the solution into the product design. We take the stress out of integrating your products’ components with simplified installation and customized cabling solutions.

We also perform System Validation to test and document that your product has the right sized power solution and thermally performs to ensure a robust long life solution.


Designing Long-Life Enclosures 

SySTIUM focuses its efforts on long-life enclosures. (Some of our enclosures have been in use for more than 10 years!) And because we create custom solutions for your products, we can easily tweak the design over time to adapt for any critical components that are still long-life, but might change slightly after 5 or more years.

For example, our Express EnclosureTM Solutions come with a long-life promise. This enclosure design allows customers to take our product and customize it with their name on it. It’s a convenient, off-the-shelf solution that comes with certifications that we do on spec.

Meeting Requirements and Certifications

We have extensive lab-based experience validating and certifying computer products and other technology devices, and we stay abreast of the ever-changing worldwide regulatory requirements for ITE products. Our capabilities ensure that our solutions consistently meet the requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers, Value Added Resellers, and Computer Integrators, and Worldwide Regulatory Agencies.

Requirements & Certifications of SySTIUM Products:

  • Product safety (UL requirement) 
  • Emissions requirements (FCC type-emissions for radio interference) 
  • Environmental requirements (ROHAS) 

Along with making sure our technology solutions have the proper certifications, at SySTIUM we also offer revision control and EOL management.

SySTIUM’s Empowered Employees 

Our skilled employees provide quality checks for all of SySTIUM’s technology enclosures and solutions. Their knowledge is essential to the design process, and their feedback is encouraged and solicited for all new projects and quick turn prototypes. 

Packaging Design and Delivery 

We design, test, and deliver packaging solutions that ensure your product can be safely transported without product damage. We have the capability to create a wide variety of packaging solutions to meet the requirements of custom products.

Partner With SySTIUM On Your Next Project

For over a decade, SySTIUM has been the trusted partner of fortune 500 companies. Our vast array of capabilities and our quality technology enclosure solutions help our clients build a better product faster. 

If you, too, are intrigued by our unique approach to quick turnaround prototypes and custom enclosures, contact us today. We look forward to working with you to design a high quality, long-life technology solution for your product!

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