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How SySTIUM's In-House CNC Machine Center Benefits You

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How SySTIUM's In-House CNC Machine Center Benefits You

Did you know that SySTIUM has an in-house CNC machine center? It’s true — as of June 2021, we have added CNC machining capabilities to our offerings. Read on to learn how this can benefit your next project.

Why We Added Our Own CNC Machine Center

At SySTIUM, we strive to provide new capabilities for our customers each year. This can be as simple as adding new technology to existing capabilities that allows us to better and more efficiently serve our customers. But sometimes, we choose to add a new in-house capability completely. That was the case when we added our CNC machine center earlier this year.

Previously, we relied on a few external partners to handle our CNC machining needs. Over time, we became well versed in the design and process of CNC machining, allowing us to bring a CNC machine into our facility.

How We Use CNC Machining at SySTIUM

Our CNC machining center is primarily used for machining complex faceplates for our custom chassis as well as creating custom heatsink blocks out of aluminum. We also use our state-of-the-art CNC laser equipment to create custom brackets and adapter assemblies for new designs as well as modifications to legacy products using a variety of metal gauges and materials.

The Benefits of Having an In-House CNC Machine Center

Having our own CNC machining equipment allows us to:

  • Better work around our design techniques.
  • Become more nimble in a new area, expanding our skills and offerings.
  • Reduce lead times.
  • Be more flexible with production timing and scheduling.
  • Offer machined examples for prototypes. We already offered rapid prototyping for our customers — this improves on that capability.
  • Be flexible with quantities so our customers can get a high end, retail-looking finish without the expensive upfront tooling or engineering costs.

In short, adding this new capability to our offerings gives us more control over every aspect of a part and every step of the process, from design to assembly. Bringing more capabilities in house allows us to provide better prototypes, improve our workflow, and better manage the lead time challenges everyone in the industry is facing right now. In other words, it enables us to better meet the needs of our customers.

Trust Your CNC Machining Needs to SySTIUM

Whether you need faceplates for your custom computer chassis, heatsinks, custom brackets, or other CNC machining work, SySTIUM now has the capabilities in house to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss how we can use this new capability to support your next project.

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