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SySTIUMⓇ: The Technology Enclosures You Want With The Support You Need

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SySTIUMⓇ: The Technology Enclosures You Want With The Support You Need

What sets SySTIUM solutions apart from the competition is the high degree of support that goes along with our products. Our level of involvement and collaboration go above and beyond other technology solutions companies.

When you order a SySTIUM technology solution, you don’t just get a custom enclosure: you get both front-end and production support. This helps keep our clients—and their end customers—on schedule. It also ensures that the process is smooth from start to finish, from design to installation. 

Front End Support


Unlike most manufactures, SySTIUM specializes in making robust, successful technology enclosure designs and solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. 

We go beyond mechanical design, and stay current on the latest technologies and what is required for exceptional performance. We bring our knowledge and expertise to each project, and aim to be not only our customer’s business partner, but to become an extension of their engineering team.


We approach the enclosure design process with a collaborative mindset. We listen to the needs of our clients’ engineering teams and support their vision by incorporating the necessary features, branding, program expectations into the finished product. 

Using our CAD/CAM capabilities, we take the engineering team’s vision and design 3D model to present to the client’s team before moving forward with prototyping the solution.


A prototype allows you to see what elements of your solution need to be adjusted for all of the parts of the product to fit correctly. It allows you to make necessary changes as the solution is being defined.

With our quick turn prototyping capabilities, your prototype can be designed and delivered in as little as a few days. That means you can complete your product sooner and get the finished product out onto the market faster. 

Production Support


Manufacturing custom enclosures inherently comes with many challenges. One particular challenge posed is the availability of materials, the lack of which often affects lead-times. 

At SySTIUM, we take responsibility for managing materials, shielding the customer from these challenges. Much of the value we bring to our customers is in SKU reduction by kitting hard to get ancillary items into the solution. Additionally, controlled revision changes allow for minimal material exposure.


SySTIUM is accountable for full control of the bill of materials and managing revision of each component and its life cycle. Our robust processes allow us to track the configuration of every product shipped, and identify its exact configuration and build history in the field.


Our efficient manufacturing processes, vast capabilities, and unique building blocks allow us to scale our services to support the needs of any custom enclosure project. This means that we can easily ramp your projects up or down while maintaining consistent costs


In 2022, SySTIUM started offering installation services for our clients’ end customers. This is a rarity in our industry, but it ensures that technicians who are most familiar with the custom technology are the ones who will install the solution in its final home. It removes the need for third party installation, which saves our clients time and money. 

Technology Enclosure Support You Can Count On

When you choose SySTIUM for your technology enclosure needs, you’ll receive support through the engineering, design, manufacturing and installation processes. You won’t find that level of collaboration anywhere else in the industry! 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you and provide you with top-of-the-line custom technology enclosure designs. We look forward to working with you!

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