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Model 555E

The SySTIUM® Model 555E MotherBoard Ready™ platform is a Mid Tower designed to accomodate high performance ATX and uATX motherboards.  The Model 555E is available in Black or Cool Gray (PMS 427C).  Chassis fans consist of a 120mm rear panel fan and an optional 120mm fan can be installed in front of the internal hard disk slots.  The Model 555E supports full height,  full length add in cards. The Model 555 can support a wide variety of 3.5" and 5,25" peripherals.  The Model 555E has five (5) external 5.25" bays that can support optical drives or a wide variety of add-in bays.  It has two (2) external 3.5" bays, one can be used for an optional front panel USB / audio panel.  The Model 555E has three (3) internal 3.5" bays.


  • 55500E-00- Black, 450W PSU, without certification labels. 
  • 55500E-00R with certification labels.
  • 55501E-00- Cool Gray, 450W PSU, without certification labels. 
  • 55501E-00R with certification labels.

Important Note: SySTIUM® heatsinks may be required to maintain regulatory compliance with many of the SySTIUM® Ceritified motherboards, please reference the Maintaining Regulatory Compliance documentation for the Model 555E.


  • "M" Product Warranty applies if a SySTIUM® Certified motherboard is used and the system is integrated per the SySTIUM® Assembly and Maintaining Regulatory Compliance (MRC) documentation that ships with Product.
  • "C" Product Warranty applies if a different motherboard is used.
  • “M” and “C” Product Warranties only cover the SySTIUM® supplied MotherBoard Ready Platform components.  Integrator/customer supplied components/peripherals used with SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready Platform are not covered by the SySTIUM® warranty and are the responsibility of the integrator or customer.


The Model 555E is shipped to the integrator in a robust, reusable single pack package. This packaging has been drop tested and has been designed for shipping a fully integrated computer system via common carriers (UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.) When ordering multiple units, these single packs can be shrink wrapped on a pallet, for shipping LTL to the integrator. This reduces shipping costs on a per unit basis and it also minimizes the wear and tear on the single pack exteriors. Replacement single pack components are available for sale. Pallet quantity is 18pcs.

Contact SySTIUM® for spare single pack components or if you have special packaging requirements, SySTIUM® can design custom packaging to meet your specific requirements.

Motherboard Support
Certified Motherboards: 

The following manufacturers' motherboards have been certified in the Model 555E. If the integrators uses a SySTIUM® Certified Motherboard and integrates per the Model 555E Maintaining Regulatory Compliance the Model 555 can include system regulatory agency labels. If the motherboard you intend to use is not listed below please contact SySTIUM®. We can certify any other motherboard in the Model 555E for a nominal charge or a Model 555E without regulatory labels can be used with other motherboards.

  • Intel DQ77MK
  • Advantech AIMB-781
  • BCM BV945GL, BC35Q, RX965Q
  • ITOX EL630-NR, SB630-CR

NOTE: If you do not see your motherboard on the certifed list, please contact Systium sales. We will be happy to work with you to get it certified.