Technical Support

SySTIUM® Technologies provides technical support for it's MotherBoard Ready™  Platforms, Express Enclosure™  Solutions as well as SySTIUM® supplied accessories or building blocks.

For technical support on software, motherboards, processors or peripherals on any system based on a SySTIUM® platform, please contact the Equipment OEM or System Integrator that supplied your completed system.

To request technical support for a SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform, Express Enclosure™  Solution or SySTIUM® supplied accessory or building block, contact SySTIUM®:

  • For online inquiries: Use our contact form to send your message.
  • For telephone inquiries: Call 1-763-537-3600 x202 or 1-888-SYSTIUM  x202
  • Please have the following information: Customer Name, Systium Product # and Serial #.