Product Validation & Certification

SySTIUM® has extensive lab based experience validating and certifying computer products and other technology devices.

SySTIUM® founded our company on designing validated, certified computer platforms and technology enclosures designed to be deployed worldwide by Equipment OEMs and Value Added Resellers.  SySTIUM® keeps abreast of the ever changing, worldwide regulatory requirements for ITE products.

Product Validation

SySTIUM® has extensive experience validating products that utilize the ever evolving technology of microprocessors, memories, peripherals and displays used to build products for a wide variety of applications. SySTIUM® product validation focuses on individual component specifications, component integration fit and function, component/system power requirements, component/system thermal management and system sound/noise levels. The information obtained in the validation process helps SySTIUM® and the customer determine if the SySTIUM® designed computer platform or technology enclosure will meet the customer's specific needs and application requirements.

A typical SySTIUM® product validation goes through the following steps:

  1. Individual component requirements are determined and documented.
  2. DC power domain analysis of the power supply rails. This is very useful for sizing the most cost effective power supply for a given system.
  3. Construction of a maximum configured system utilizing the fastest/highest wattage CPU required, the maximum capacity system memory required and the maximum peripheral loading required.
  4. Component integration details and recommendations are documented. 
  5. Thermal characterization of the processor/memory/motherboard at system idle, 50% duty cycle, and 100% duty cycle.
  6. Thermal characterization of peripherals.
  7. Sound measurement is taken at every duty cycle.
  8. Power measurement of the AC wattage is taken at every duty cycle.
  9. A validation report is generated.
  10. Assembly documentation is generated for the integrator.

SySTIUM® can perform additional tests as needed or required by the customer when validating a system.

Contact SySTIUM® for more information about SySTIUM® product validation.

Product Certification

Regulatory approvals are one of the key benefits of the SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Product line.  The knowledge we’ve gained in getting our products through Safety and Emission Certification has had a major impact on our design methodologies, ensuring that products based on our platform and enclosure solutions will pass required Safety and Emission Certifications.

Traditional regulatory certifications include testing and certifying that a product meets or exceeds all applicable human safety, radiated & conducted emission levels, and device immunity from external interferences.  

Newer environmentally driven regulatory certifications, include RoHS – Restriction of Hazardous Substances, REACH – accounting for chemical content and Energy Star – minimizing energy consumption in both active and idle modes.

SySTIUM® Technologies has active programs to monitor the regulatory certification industry, it’s continuing certification enhancements and to ensure that SySTIUM® computer platform and technology enclosure products meets all applicable Safety, Emission, Immunity, and Environmental requirements for North America and Europe. 

SySTIUM® also has considerable experience in obtaining regulatory certifications for other country requirements including those countries in South America and Asia.


The SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  products are tested to the UL60950-1 2nd ED Amendment 1 Specification and the necessary reports and files for North America and Europe (CE) are generated.

SySTIUM® Technologies has relationships with most of the Nationally Recognized Test Laboratories but due to customer requirements uses CSA and UL most frequently.

SySTIUM® Technologies first validates the system and then performs additional due diligence by mapping the DC Power Domains and verifying that the system performs to specific SySTIUM® performance criteria.  This criteria ensures that the system’s performance, cooling, and power capabilities are capable of 90+%  performance utiltization for a minimum of 5 years 24/7 usage while conforming to all regulatory requirements.

The system is then sent to the appropriate testing laboratory to obtain the required safety mark.

After the initial safety certification is complete, the reports are regularly reviewed to make sure that they meet current requirements. SySTIUM® Technologies is constantly monitoring the evolving state of the safety certifications and is proactive in being prepared for the new standards. 


Emission testing is done at a fully automated state-of-art-facility in Minnesota.  This facility offers a full 10M anechoic chamber which guaranties no ambiguity with the emissions test results. 

SySTIUM® Technologies default test is for Class B level of the following Radiated and Conducted regulatory levels.

Radiated Emissions:

  • AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009 +A1:2010 Class B
  • EN 55022: 2010 Class B
  • FCC 15.109(g):2012
  • CISPR 22:1997 Class B
  • FCC 15.109:2012 Class B
  • ICES-003:2004 Class B

Conducted Emissions:

  • AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009 +A1:2010 Class B
  • EN 55022: 2010 Class B
  • FCC 15.107:2012 Class B
  • ICES-003:2004 Class B

Additional testing for specific countries is accommodated by request.


Immunity is performed to insure that the system is tolerant of various power and electromagnetic  interferences.  Immunity is a required component of the CE mark. SySTIUM® Technologies performs the following suite of immunity tests on our standard product offerings: ESD, EFT, Radiated Immunity, Conducted Immunity, Magnetic Field Immunity, Surge, Voltage Interruption, Voltage Dips, Flicker, Harmonics


RoHS or Restriction of Hazardous Substances is a growing environmental protection regulation. RoHS is an ever evolving standard and will be a required  part of the CE mark.

SySTIUM® Technologies is committed to RoHS and currently only sells RoHS products. 

Additional Regulatory Approvals: 

In additional to the Regulatory Certifications that SySTIUM® Technologies obtains for our standard product line, customer specific country certifications can be obtained. 

SySTIUM® Technologies has considerable experience with both GOST and CCC and can provide quotes to add customer specific certifications.