Enclosure Design & Fabrication

SySTIUM® has the experience and design methodologies to provide our customers with "off the shelf", "modifiable predesigned" or "full custom"  computer platform and technology enclosures.

Since 1997 SySTIUM® has designed and fabricated computer platforms and technology enclosure products that have been deployed by Equipment OEMs and Value Added Resellers throughout the world. These platforms and enclosures have supported the ever evolving microprocessor technology treadmill in a multitude of applications.

SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platforms are “Off the Shelf” Computer Platforms  that are pre-validated and pre-certified to support industry standard motherboards from the leading motherboard vendors.

SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™  Solutions are "Modifiable Predesigned" technology enclosures that target a wide variety of applications. These enclosures can be used as designed or they can be can be easily customized to fit your application, your technology requirements and your product branding requirements. Modifying an existing Express Enclosure™   Solution can reduce your product development costs and also improve your time to market.

SySTIUM® can design and fabricate a full custom computer platform or custom technology enclosure that meets your unique requirements. Custom platforms and technology enclosures can be designed quickly using standard Systium® building blocks and our proven design methodologies. SySTIUM® does not normally charge NRE fees for custom designs. After our product requirements discovery process we design a 3D model using Softworks CAD software. After mutual agreement on this CAD design we produce a specific number of prototypes. These prototypes are produced at a small premium over what the production units will cost. Production minimum order quantities for SySTIUM® custom designs are also very reasonable.