Branding Enhancement

SySTIUM® can assist you in designing an effective "Branding" solution to transform our product solutions and designs into your unique product.

There are many ways for SySTIUM® to enhance your platform or enclosure with unique branding solutions.  See branding descriptions below and please review the customer branding examples in the attached Gallery.

Silk Screening

  • Cost effective and versatile method to add customer specific branding.
  • Any SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™ Platform or SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solution can be silk screened
  • Cost for silk screening varies depending on size of silk screen, the complexity of the silk screen and the number of impressions or colors required.

Custom Color / Paint Type / Texture  

  • Any SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™  Solution (pre-designed solutions or full custom solutions) can have custom colors selected. 
  • MOQ and Leadtime requirements vary, depending on product complexity and customer requirements.


  • A common branding technique used with appliance enclosures. 
  • Any SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solution (pre-designed solutions or full custom solutions) can have an emboss applied. 
  • Tooling charges and MOQ are required.

Ink Filled Engraving

  •  Used for labeling ports and labeling connections on chassis and enclosures.

Die Cut Vinyl

  • Die cut vinyl can have multiple colors and can support very complicated or sophisticated graphic designs. 
  • Die cut vinyl designs support labeling for switches and indicators
  • Die cut vinyl can be a cost effective way to customize front and rear panels of SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™  designed for appliance based solutions.
  • Die cut vinyl designs enable a common enclosure to serve a wide variety of applications, unique brands and model variances.

Vinyl Overlay

  • Used as a branding mechanism
  • Used to label ports and switches on any SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform or Express Enclosure™  Solution.

Vinyl Applique

  • Supports photographic images
  • Can be printed and applied to one or all surfaces of a enclosure.

Custom Bezels

  • Enable unique rack solutions. 
  • Custom bezels can be achieved through a variety of techniques.

Branded Packaging / Retail Packaging 

  • Can be easily accomplished via simple carton imprint or elaborate multi color retail overlay. 
  • Special packaging can be done for any SySTIUM® product.

Custom Product Labels

  • Designed to support your brand or logo.
  • Can be applied to any SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform or Express Enclosure™  Solution. 

Regulatory Labels

  • Can be customized to fit an OEM's requirements on any SySTIUM® MotherBoard Ready™  Platform or Express Enclosure™  Solution.