What is a SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ ?

SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ solutions are pre-designed technology enclosures that are easily modified to be customer specific and application ready.

Since 1997 SySTIUM® has built a large portfolio of pre-designed technology enclosures that fit a wide variety of applications. These pre-designed enclosures can be used as designed or quickly modified by SySTIUM® to fit your specific application requirements or to meet the specifications and thermal requirements of the components required by the application.

  • Using a modifiable, pre-designed SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solution as the basis for your product's enclosure will speed your time to market and lower your product development costs.
  • SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™Solutions are designed and fabricated in the USA and can be the basis of a very long life enclosure.
  • SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solutions also enable the customer to easily customize the enclosure to support a variety of branding modifications, custom colors, paint types and textures.
  • SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solutions can also be fabricated from galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum depending on the application's requirements.
  • SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solutions can also be quickly modified to accommodate a variety mounting mechanisms.

Here is an example of some EE-132 derivatives:

If an existing pre-designed SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solution can't be used as the basis of your product's technology enclosure we can create a custom based on SySTIUM® design methodologies, component libraries and the numerous building blocks we've assembled over the years. If you have any questions or need more information about SySTIUM® Express Enclosure™ Solutions please contact SySTIUM®.