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  • The Intel® DN2800MT is a very versatile, cost effective motherboard building block that is applicable to many embedded / applied computing applications.   Read More
  • Model 555, early image- front panel I/O demo only- actual only USB
    The SySTIUM® Model 555 is the replacement for our Model 545 product line. After 12 years of production the Model 545 went end of life in 2011.  Like the Model 545 the Model 555 is also a long life MotherBoard Ready™ ATX platform that will support a wide variety of validated  and certified motherboards from the industry's leading suppliers.  The 555 will be available in Black and Cool Gray (same as our Model 526) Although almost identical in size to the Model 545, the Model 555 will support a more flexible mix of add-in peripherals. Read More
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